Sandra (b. 1987, Lithuania) is an artist and researcher working across the disciplines of sound performance, sound and video installation, and theory-led projects in auditory culture. She has produced works that question the political histories of the post-soviet bloc. She is also interested in the concepts of gendered soundscapes, silencing and spatial embodiment. Her practice is embedded in feminist writing and practice, specifically the works of Pauline Oliveros, Ursula Le Guin and Sara Ahmed. Her works have been exhibited and performed in the UK, Iceland, Lithuania, Norway, Germany and the United States. In 2019, she was awarded a PhD (funded by AHRC) at Goldsmiths, University of London for her doctoral thesis ‘Expanded Aurality: Doing Sonic Feminism in the White Cube’, which questioned how women-produced sound affects the production of the gallery space in perceptual and socio-political terms. Her research has been published by Leonardo Music Journal.

Sandra is a Lecturer in Sound Theory at University of Lincoln, where she has been teaching practices of listening and courses on auditory cultures. She is a founder of an interdisciplinary practice-led research group ‘Space, Place and Time’ and is a member of Extra Sonic Practice (Uni. of Lincoln) as well as Screen and Audiovisual Research (Goldsmiths College). Outside her art practice and research, Sandra also makes ambient techno music and enjoys DJ'ing.

Sandra Kazlauskaite resides and works in London, UK.


Academic qualifications

PhD in Media and Communications (AHRC CHASE funded), Goldsmiths, UK, 2014-2018
MA in Film and Screen Studies (Distinction), Goldsmiths, UK, 2012-2013
BA in Sound and Media (1st Class Honours), London Metropolitan University, UK, 2005-2009
Diploma in Music (Distinction), 1st Music School, Kaunas, Lithuania, 2000-2004

Selected Exhibitions

13.1.91, THERE AND NOT THERE, Kaunas Biennial, Lithuania, 2017
Modes of Life, BUITIS, Kaunas City Centre, Lithuania, 2016
What Happens when Something Happens, THE GOOD NEIGHBOUR, 2016
Oasis, Call & Response, UK, 2016
13.1.91, SOUND THOUGHT, CCA, UK, 2016
13.1.91, Surrey Gallery, UK, 2015
Airport, SOUND|PLACE, St. James Hatcham Gallery, UK, 2015
Moorland, Fjuk Art Centre, Iceland, 2015
Maps of Emotions, Kaunas Zilinskas Gallery, Lithuania 2015
Lit, KAMMERMACHEN, Weltecho, Germany, 2015
Сигнaл, EQUALIZER,The Wrong New Digital Art Biennial, 2015

Selected Sound Performances

Apologies in Advance, IKLECTIK, UK, 2017
EAVI, Amersham Arms, UK, 2016
Fjuk Art Centre, Iceland, 2015
Processing, Inverness St Gallery, UK, 2015
Control, Cafe Oto, UK, 2015
MKII Gallery, UK, 2015
Sounding the Great Hall, Goldsmiths, UK, 2015
Soundcheck, Parker Gallery, UK, 2015
MKII Gallery, UK, 2014
Soundings No.1, Power Lunches, UK 2014
/w NSC, MKII Gallery, UK, 2014
Gleam, University of Glasgow, UK, 2014
Ultima, Norway, 2014

Curatorial Projects

Tuning, Extra Sonic Practice, UK, 2019
Critical Excursions, Space, Place & Time, UK, 2018-2020
November Film Festival, Close Up, UK, 2016 - 2018
Tracing Displacement, Art Villa Garikula, Georgia, 2018
Navigating Through Borders, Pa-F, France, 2017
Interdisciplinary Expeditions, Nida Art Colony, Lithuania, 2016
Speeding & Breaking: Navigating Acceleration, UK, 2016
SOUND|PLACE, St. James Hatcham Gallery, UK, 2015
Cotemporal Encounters, NETWORKED, Kaunas Biennial, Lithuania, 2015
Soundings, MKII & Power Lunches, UK, 2014
UNMUTE, UK, 20112-2014

Public Lectures and Presentations

Museum as a Living Organism, Besides the Screen, Kings College, UK and University of Porto, Portugal, 2018
Breaking the Silence: Women in Sound, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK, 2018
The Sound of Visual Art, CCA, UK, 2017
Labour, Capture, Experience, Bodifications Conference, Italy, 2016
Sound/Image, SOUND/IMAGE Conference, Greenwich University, UK, 2015
Audiovisuality in Experimental Film Practice, Music and Sound Design in Film/New Media Conference, LAMT, Lithuania, 2015
The Embodiment of Sound in Contemporary Art Gallery Spaces, University of Westminster, UK, 2015
Expanded Aurality in Contemporary Audiovisual Art Spaces: A Case Study of Oskar Fischinger’s ‘Raumlichtkunst’, GLEAM, UK, 2014

Academic Publications

Doing Sonic Feminism, Atlas of Imagination, Vilnius Art Academy Press (2019)
Women Sonic Thinkers - The Histories of Seeing, Touching and Embodying Sound, The Bloomsbury Handbook of Sound Art, Bloomsbury Press (2019)
Soundscapes of The Post Soviet World, in Leonardo Music Journal, vol. 25 (Politics of Sonic Art), pp. 98-99.

Selected Artist and Research Residencies

Art Villa Garikula, Georgia, 2018
The Living Art Museum, Iceland, 2017
NMI Brussels, Belgium, 2017
Pa-f, France, 2016
Call & Response, UK, 2016
Fjuk Art Centre, Iceland, 2015
NMI @ NAC, Lithuania, 2015

Interviews and Press

A Review of Oasis exhibition, Artnews, Oct 2016
Listening bodies, Sounding Spaces, An interview with Artnews, 2018, Lithuanian Version / English Version


Lecturer in Sound Theory, University of Lincoln, UK, 2018 - Ongoing
Visiting Lecturer, Sound Agendas, Goldsmiths College, London, UK, 2018
Associate Lecturer, Media Arts, Goldsmiths College, London, UK, 2016 - 2018 
Associate Lecturer, Film and Audiovisual Theory, Goldsmiths College, London, UK, 2016-2018
Visiting Lecturer, Baltic Trail, Nida Art Colony, Lithuania, 2017
Visiting Lecturer, Sounding Arts, London Metropolitan University, London, UK, 2016
Piano Tutor, 2006-2015