Sandra Kazlauskaite


Originally from Lithuania, Sandra Kazlauskaite is a composer and sound artist producing works ranging from acousmatic compositions, radio dramas, sound collages, audiovisual installations to compositions for theatre, works for non-musical objects and gallery environments. Conceptually, her artistic fascination lies within the framework of spatiality of sound, atonality and stillness. With her compositions, Sandra's examines the hybridity of chaotic sound structures and non-musical objects in relation to the immobility of visible spaces. Sandra's works call for perceptual reconsiderations, inviting the spectator and listener to question their aesthetic focus, and allowing oneself to immerse in the depths of sonorous life surrounding the eye.

Since graduating with a Pianist Diploma (1st Music School, Kaunas, Lithuania, 2002), BA in Sound Studies (London Metropolitan University, London, UK, 2009), and MA in Screen Studies (Goldsmiths College, London, UK, 2013), where she explored the notions of phenomenology of sound in gallery spaces, Sandra has continued to scrutinise the relationship between sound and image using her compositions and audiovisual works. 2011, Sandra initiated an online gallery network, called UNMUTE. The platform invites audio and visual artists to challenge their disciplines by collaborating with different sound and moving image art practitioners, to create themed artworks. Currently, Sandra is undertaking a practice based PhD at Goldsmiths College, London, UK. Using her own sound and video practice, Sandra is creating an in-depth analysis of the embodiment of sound in relation to screen based installation art in contemporary gallery spaces.

Sandra Kazlauskaite currently resides and works in London, UK. Her works been exhibited and performed in Lithuania, UK, Germany and The United States.