Sound Place Exhibition

SOUND | PLACE, Sound Art Group Exhibition & Events Programme, St. James Hatcham Gallery, 2015

Curators: Sandra Kazlauskaite and Tom Tlalim

Sound, as physical energy, reflecting and absorbing into the materiality around us, … provides a rich platform for understanding place and emplacement. (Brandon LaBelle, 2014)

SOUND | PLACE revisits the notion of Place, as a creative canvas and a platform for interdisciplinary collaborative and critical exchange. The show utilises the nonlinear, boundless, and “leaky” nature of sound, as the starting point for exploring how to share sound works in one acoustic space. The St James Hatcham gallery space has been selected, as an ideal location for the show; it is an interdepartmental building, which also involves unique architectural and acoustic attributes. Contextually the building is also intriguing, as it is in the process of undergoing a structural shift, from a church building, into gallery and an academic building.

12 Selected sound and audiovisual artists from different departments at Goldsmiths were invited to work together in the building in the period leading to the exhibition. Together, they questioned, and re-evaluated this unique exhibition setup, where no acoustic or visual barriers separate works, and where the “leaky” collaborative acoustic environment required the sounds of different works to intermix and inter-breed. The interwoven composition was then carefully balanced in the days leading to the exhibition, in a process of negotiations carried out at the exhibition space, presenting the viewer with a composition that is diffused in space as a result of this collaborative process.

Participating Artists: Wayne Binitie, Alexander Bridgen, Ryann Donnelly, Ryo Ikeshiro, Sandra Ka, Helene Kazan, Hardi Kurda, Roberto Mozzachiodi, Kuldip Powar, Emily Rosamond, Susan Schuppli.


A curated programme of mono / stereo / multichannel audio works and live performances took place throughout the exhibition period, exploring the immersive potential of the audio setup in the black box space. Performing artists included John Wall, Tom Mudd, Yiorgis Sakellario, Phil Julian, Lee Fraser and Erik Nystrom.

Exhibition overview:

Exhibition artworks:

Untitled, Alexander Brigden

Threshold, Alexander Brigden, Interactive AV, 2015

Airport, Sandra Kazlauskaite

Airport, Sandra Kazlauskaite, 2015, Sound, HD Video, Duration of each variable, Looped

Tape 342, Susan Schuppli

Tape 342, Susan Schuppli, 2008, 10” JVC monitor, digital media player, Looped

(De)constructing Risk: A Domestic Image of the Future, Helene Kazan

(De)constructing Risk: A Domestic Image of the Future, Helene Kazan, 2015, HD Video 10', Looped, Talk via Skype, Field recording

Swallower, Ryann Donnelly

Swallower, Ryann Donnelly, 2014, HD Video 15’, Looped

Open Ensemble, Hardi Kurda

Open Ensemble, Hardi Kurda, 2015, 9 Chairs, 9 Headphones

257, Roberto Mozzachiodi

Storage, Roberto Mozzachiodi, 2015, HD Video, 14’20’’, Looped

A branching structure, that helps the animates say yes or no (with voices), Emily Rosamond

Here's How the Voice Speaks, Emily Rosamond, 2015, Celebrity masks, Paper, Stands, Doweling, Thorns, A Capella Audio Loop

Sound | Place Exhibition, Live Performance, Robert Curgenven

Sound | Place Live Performance, Robert Curgenven, 2015