Expanded Soundscapes (2018-Ongoing)

Visual SCores

'Expanded Soundscapes', Sounding Soviet Architecture, A Field Composition for a Silk Factory (2018)

Expanded Soundscapes (2018–Ongoing) is a series of visual scores composed for field recorders, bodies and random objects. This project draws from Ursula Le Guin’s concept of ‘The Mother Tongue’ as well as Pauline Oliveros’ methoology of ‘Deep Listening’. As a practice, Expanded Soundscapes explores what I call the notions of listening with and embodying with through visual graphic scores. They invite performers and listeners to attend to the practice of listening to our lived environments in a more attentive way. These scores translate my experience of listening and embodying different spaces and places, from public spaces to soviet architectural buildings, as visual field recording compositions to be interpreted and performed by listeners and sound makers, to be read and imagined openly and without restrictions. Due to their abstracted and non-linear nature, the scores, in the spirit of Pauline Oliveros, invite listeners to use their bodies as instruments as well as recorders to immerse in ‘the whole of the space-time continuum of perceptible sound’ with the hope that a more embodied, open and social interconnection between us and our lived environment can be discovered.

I have so far developed three series of visual scores using the Expanded Soundscapes methodology: Sounding Iceland (2017), Sounding Public Spaces (2018) and Sounding Soviet Architecture (2018). Currently, I am in a process of developing new scores and developing a concept book and an album, which will include a selection of scores and recordings.

The scores are available for exhibition and unique copies can be purchased upon request. Please note that each score varies in size. For more information, contact sandra @


Visual Scores

'Expanded Soundscapes', Sounding Soviet Architecture, A Field Composition for a Lost Monument (2018)

Visual Scores

'Expanded Soundscapes', Sounding Public Spaces - A Field Composition for a Library (2018)

Visual Scores

'Expanded Soundscapes', Sounding Public Spaces, Sounding a Lonely Park (2018)