'Be|In Particular'

Be|In Particular performance, showcased at Netil House, London, presents sound an integral part of the performance, explored within the physicality of space, whilst instinctively directing characters’ responsiveness. Sound becomes embodied in the performance space. The compositions were born during the rehearsal process, and involved noise making machines, choir and piano.

Compositions, inspired by Futurist and Bruitist movements, explore existing noises, atonal sound objects, and voice. The designed compositions were accompanied by a unique sound score, which acted as a guidance by the choir during the rehearsals and the performance.

Director, Dramaturg, Performer: Gintare Minelgaite
Composer: Sandra Kazlauskaite
Performer: Julius Tedaldi
Visual Artist: Florence To
Lighting Designer: Hua Tan

Sound Score Page 1

Sound Score Page 2

Sound Score Page 3

Sound Score Page 4