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Sound Thought Festival, Glasgow, 30 Mar - 1st Apr, 2016

Sound Thought 2016

Thrilled to be presenting an Audiovisual Essay, titled "The Sound of Visual Art" and an Audiovisual Installation "13.1.91" at Sound Thought Festival, CCA, Glasgow, UK, between 30th March - 1st April 2016.

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Paper and Panel Presentation "Exploring the Techno-mediated Being-with in Gallery Film Art", Part of "Labour, Capture, Experience: Technological Mediations of the Body Panel", Screen and Audiovisual Research Unit, FilmForum/2016, Gorizia, March 9 - 15 Glasgow, 30 Mar - 1st Apr, 2016

Film Forum 2016

Live at Processing, 43 Inverness Street Gallery, Panacea Exhibition, 5th December, 2015

"Like eating an imaginary apple, our hybrid human like bodies are formed to constantly digesting information, permanently inputing and outputting knowledge. We no longer have one mouth to eat, but thousand virtual nurturing holes, feeding us with raw particles of data. Can the unprocessed become an opportunity for new forms of life? A group of digital artists and musicians are gathered to present their observations on the digital body as a mean to cope with unprocessed memories. Collaborating with 'Panacea' exhibition project, the event elaborates those issues through their audiovisual works and live music/dance performances."

Politics of Sound

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Soundscapes of The Post-Soviet World Today: Resounding Lithuania, Leonardo Music Journal, Vol.25 - "The Politics of Sound Art"

Politics of Sound

My article 'Soundscapes of the Post-Soviet World Today" has been published by Leonardo Music Journal for their 25th Issue.

"Article Abstract: Soundscapes of the Post-Soviet World Today is an ethnographic sonic arts project that aims to reveal the soundscapes of contemporary post-Soviet countries. In this statement the author presents the project's first case study: the soundscapes of Lithuania."

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"Breaking the Musical Narrative: Intersections between Sound and Art in Music Today" Lecture/Workshop, Baltic Trail Project, Nida Art Colony, November 2015

Sound Art Theory and Practice

I was invited to deliver a lecture and a practical workshop to a group of practitioners working in digital music. During the lecture, the participants learnt about histories of sound in art, and created group compositions and performances, including site-specific installations and experimental performance happenings.

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"The Sound of Visual Art", Audiovisual Essay presented at Sound/Image Conference, Greenwich University, 2015

Sound and Space

I am presenting a paper/audiovisual essay on sound in the visual arts on 8th November 2015.

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"Experimentations between Image and Sound in Experimental Film Practice", Paper presented at the Music and Sound Design in Film and New Media Conference, LMTA, 2015

Sound and Space

I am presenting a paper on sound in experimental film practice on 2nd October 2015.

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"CONTROL Installation, Cafe Oto Project Space, 10 - 13 September 2015"

Sound and Space

A contribution I am doing towards Tom Mudd's Interactive Installation "CONTROL", which explores the relationships between artists, music, and musical artefacts.

Includes contributions from: The Alaska None | Mira Benjamin | Kurijn Buys | Adam Campbell | Tristan Clutterbuck Ben Harper | Ryo Ikeshiro | Phil Julian | Steph Horak | Sandra Ka | Stefano Kalonaris Jeremy Keenan | Tina Krekels | John Macedo | Scott Mc Laughlin | Tom Mudd Ingrid Plum | Adriana Sa | Dario Sanfilippo | Bill Thompson | Artur Vidal | Tim Yates

Programme Note: Discovered at the edge of the world (North of Iceland), this analogue radio signal has become a living memory of the remote place where it was initially recorded. It portrays the location’s continuous effort to remain connected to the rest of the world using the notion of live sound. The participants are invited to explore this signal, utilise its compositional potential, and using the microtonal qualities provided by the installation’s dial, reconnect to the possible distant place where the signal was first captured.

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"Live @ MKII" /w Tom Tlalim, MKII Gallery, 19th May 2015

Sound and Space

I am doing a live audiovisual performance with artist/collaborator Tom Tlalim at MKII Gallery on 19th May. During the performance, Tom and I are bringing to opposite geographical locations into one gallery space using sound and video.

Sounding The Great Hall, February 7th, 2015

I am joining in.

"23 artists exploring the acoustics of the Great Hall via an unusual 8-speaker system. This event is continuous. The audience are free to come in and out, sit in the space, walk around the space, eat, drink and listen."

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Sound and Space

Soundcheck 1 @ Parker Gallery, January 28th, 2015

A site-specific sound sculpture / performance 'I came, and I could not find what I was looking for', presented at Parket Gallery, 28th January, London. The sculpture creates three listening stations, where participants are invited to experience presented nature-like realities. More pictures will be posted soon.

Sound Sculpture

Gleam Conference Presentation, November 2014

Gleam Symposium

MKII Performance Flyer, November, 2014

MKII Gallery Clapton

Soundings, No. 1, Power Lunches, Thursday 6th November 2014

New Sound Collective are performing in London this November.

‘Soundings’ is a series of concerts exploring the boundaries between new music, sound art and computer music. ‘Soundings, No. 1’ presents New Sound Collective, amongst John Wall, Mark Wagner, Graham Dunning and Garry Fisher:

New Sound Collective - Formed during the NMI ( project in 2014, the New Sound Collective consists of 3 professional composers, performers and sound artists - Jan Liljekvist, Alexandra Nilsson and Sandra Kazlauskaite.

Soundings Poster

New Sound Collective Performance at MKII Gallery, Tuesday 4th November 2014

MKII Gallery Clapton

Formed during the NMI ( project in 2014, the New Sound Collective consists of 3 professional composers, performers and sound artists - Jan Liljekvist, Alexandra Nilsson and Sandra Kazlauskaite. Musically, the trio aim to transform the sounds produced by the instruments they play towards new undiscovered objects, this way exploring the possibilities of sonic instrumentation, harmony, non-harmony, spatiality of sound and beyond. The performances are improvisation based and consist of live instrument manipulation (violin, trumpet, keys), electronics, sound objects, and projection.

GLEAM - Glasgow Electronic and Audiovisual Media Festival, 2014

Glasgow Electronic and Audiovisual Media Festival

Audiovisual performance, Thursday 30th October 2014, GLEAM, University of Glasgow

I am presenting one of my pieces (‘Taped Reality’) in a form of a live audiovisual performance. The artwork consists of analogue processing of recorded cassette tapes, digital manipulation, synthesised soundscapes and a real-time visual representation of the sounds produced.

Paper Presentation, Friday 31st October 2014, GLEAM Symposium

I am delivering a 20 min paper on audiovisual art in art spaces today. Topic: “A Study Towards Expanded Aurality in Audiovisual Art Spaces Today: A Case Study of Oskar Fischinger’s Raumlichtkunst Exhibition”.