Lit Installation

Lit 1.5

Lit @ Kammermachen, Weltecho

'Lit 1.5', 2-channel Sound, Video (30'). Kammermachen, Weltecho, Chemnitz, Germany, Sept 2015

Sound Composition: Sandra Kazlauskaitė, Video: Alexander Wendt

A composition of real time video and light for deceleration by Alexander Wendt. Black and white video 30 minutes with a soundtrack by Sandra Kazlauskaitė. Exhibited at Kammermachen, Weltecho, Chemnitz, Germany, 2015.

Electro-acoustic composition consisting of performance recordings and processed sources. Lit 1.5 "revisited" I. sidereal time, day, II. late intentions, III. oneiric, IV. form and matter, V. intermittent, VI. extended interiors, VII. soft sift dawn dust, VIII. lit (reprise)

...It is in these lit shadows that I discover sonic aurora. Divisions, chapters, I, II, III, VII; oscillate, fluctuate with imaginary patterns of sound. Presenced in the depths of light and dusk, strings, clamor, turbulence, boom, clatter, blending, bending, all. They attach to the embodied space of a resounding body, enters and overhauls the world of the visioned. Through black and white dreams, in flickering visual radiation, motion, emotion, auditory lanterns are carved dispense, disperse, and reassemble continuously, relentlessly, envelop, and absorb. A sonic landscape of a visual fable narrated.

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